Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bias Tape Daffodils: A Mothers Day Bouquet

Big news guys.  I've started participating in Iron Craft again.  This is my first week back and I'm pumped.  This week we were challenged to create something using sewing notions.  I made daffodils.  Since my mom lives far away, I gave these to myself :) It is my first Mothers Day after all.

Start by gathering some supplies.  Feel free to experiment a little based on the supplies you already have.  I'm kind of a craft hoarder and always buy those bags of random sewing notions that they sell at Goodwill so I had a stash.  Here is basically what you need:

-For the petals: yellow bias tape. 
-For the middle part: orange fabric, lace trim
-For the stem: wire and green fabric or green bias tape
-A hot glue gun

Start by cutting a section of wire that will be your stem.  I used some really thick wire that I found at the hardware store.  This will form the base of your flower.  You will then form the orange part on one end [apparently that part is called the corona].

I formed the orange section two different ways.  The first was using some lace trim I had on hand.  Although it had some orange on it, I colored it in to brighten it up.  Again, you can do this two ways: fabric paint or fabric marker.

The other way to make the center is with fabric.  I cut a square of orange fabric using pinking shears and then folded it in half.

With both of these, roll them around the edge of the wire, hot-gluing as you go.  This will form a nice tube of orange.

To make the petals, cut several small strips of bias tape, about 5" each.  Then fold as shown below.  Hot glue the folded section and the two ends together.

Next glue the petals around your flower.  I liked the way they flopped about; it looked realistic.  If you need a petal to stick up a bit more, just glue the petal a little further up.

Finally, use some green fabric or bias tape to wrap the stem.  Make sure to cover the edges of your petals at the top to keep things looking tidy.

That's it!  You can make a whole bouquet.  I had fun trying out different materials and ways of doing it.  If you make your own, I would love to see what you try out!

Want to check out more Iron Craft projects?  Visit the flickr group here and the blog here.

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  1. I am just amazed at how those turned out. Enjoy your first mother's day!


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