Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fabric Belt Tutorial

Here's a quick and easy project to jazz up any outfit.  To make this fabric belt, you need a fat quarter of fabric and a set of D rings (you can find them at a fabric store like Joann).

Start by cutting two strips of fabric.  The total length of the strips should be how long you need your belt to be so you should measure your waist and add a few inches.  The height will be twice the size of your D ring plus a little.  Mine were the length of the fat quarter and about 3" wide. 

First, sew your two strips together to make one long strip.  Fold in half and iron and then sew along the length of the strip, forming a tube.

Turn inside out and iron flat.  Tuck the ends in on each side and pin in place.

Sew along the edge of the entire piece.  Now pick one end and loop the belt through both D rings.  Fold over about an inch and sew into place.  I sewed several horizontal stitches.

Now put on your belt and have someone take an awesome modeling shot for you.  It helps if your bangs look a bit crazy in the photo.  Also take an awkward photo of your chest. Nice.

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