Monday, December 3, 2012

Oilcloth Diaper Bag- A lesson in trying again

I recently finished making my own diaper bag.  I had wanted one in green oilcloth and just couldn't find one for sale.  Since I'm pretty crafty, I thought I'd make my own :)  I'm THRILLED with the final product.

However, I definitely did not start out thrilled.  Here is my attempt number one:

I used a pattern that I bought online for this first one.   My sewing skills were not quite up to the challenge.  I had a really hard time putting it together.  In addition, I used PUL fabric for the interior lining and it was sooooo slippery.  The contrasting thread that I thought would be cute ended up showing all my mistakes.

When I finished this first bag, I was so upset.  Pregnancy hormones were not a help in this.  I felt like I had wasted so much money and time and would never be able to have a diaper bag I liked.  I was "in the depths of despair."  But time and sleep helped and I decided to try again.

This second time around, I used a pattern for a messenger bag from the book Sewing With Oilcloth.  I nixed the PUL fabric and used blue thread rather than white.  This helped hide all my crooked stitches.  I also used store-bought bias tape rather than trying to make my own.  Overall, this pattern was much easier for my current sewing skills and I found it easier to work with just oilcloth.

I wanted to share my craft fail to show that a project is always worth a second try.  Sometimes you just have to change it up a bit or try a different approach.  Have you ever had an experience like this?

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  1. Your second bag turned out great! Good for you for giving it a second try. You'll be so please carrying this around now :)

  2. I'm glad you tried a second time. Using fabric like oilcloth can be so tricky.

  3. Ugh, I'm so with you there!!! Glad to hear you gave it another go and were determined to make exactly what you wanted:)

  4. What a great bag! I love the messenger bag style - I prefer that as my bag for my computer I take back and forth to work ... and what a great idea for a diaper bag! I bought mine, but I think I would have preferred this style! very nice

  5. Good for you to try it again! And it turned out so cute -- the messenger bag is a perfect pattern! You'll be so thrilled when it's filled with diapers and baby stuff! Plus, it will be great for later on since the design is not babyish!


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