Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Tree Memory Ornaments

Hi Everyone!  Today I have a quick craft you can do to commemorate your Christmas trees.  If you get a real tree, most places will cut a slice off of the bottom for you.  Save this piece and you can turn it into a memorable decoration.

Start with your plain Christmas tree slice.  Clean it off the best you can and sand any rough spots.

Use a wood-burner to add the year and any other decoration or message you want.  I added simple little illustrations on mine.

Next, use acrylic paint to fill in any illustrations that you would like. 

Finally, screw and eye-screw into the top and add a ribbon.  We had to pre-drill holes to get the screw into the wood.

Now you can start your own Christmas tree collection!  Hang them on your tree if they are small enough of if you are like us and keep buying super chunky trees, hang them on the wall!


  1. That is such a cute idea! What a great tradition. We have a bright white fake tree so we can't take any slices off of it :).


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