Friday, December 16, 2011

Chocolate Mug Cake

Last night I got a craving for chocolate cake and decided to try making one of those mug cakes.  I used this recipe from Instructables.

Image from Instructables Page

Overall, good for a cake baked in a mug.  I didn't have any chocolate chips so I scooped some Nutella on top.  The inside was a little dry so I can see how some chocolate chips mixed in would have been tasty.

Has anyone else ever made one of these?  What recipes have you liked?


  1. Yes and I can't remember which recipe I used. But I remember it being dry too- which would be the fault of the microwave. It's a good on the spot thing to eat though when you have a craving you just can't kick!

  2. never made one in an actual mug! In the past, I've made one brownie from a mix in a little round cup, cooking it in the microwave. I believe applesauce was the only thing added. It wasn't dry either. I'm thinking smaller or less microwaving time might help the dryness.

  3. I have never even heard of this! I don't think I want to go check it out... lol - looks like it could be addicting!

  4. Looks very pretty :) Going to try this !


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