Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wedding Season

After my wedding jewelry project this week, I started to think that there might be lots of couples out there gathering wedding inspiration.  I was doing that very thing last year about this time; my wedding was August of last year so all summer I was busy searching out inspiration.  If only I had pinterest at that time.  sigh...

Anyway, I thought I would share some of the pictures from our wedding to help give inspiration to all of you planning out there.  Our colors were orange and blue and we were not too formal about it all.  Enjoy!

First, the flowers.  I wanted something bright because that's just the kind of girl I am.  Lilies are my favorite flower and the first flowers Eugene ever gave me were orange lilies, so that was the starting point.  Other than that, we told the florist to just make a mix, almost like a fresh picked bouquet.  Our decor was a mix of vintage bottles filled with flowers.

Next is the cake.  I don't have a lot to say about this, but I was really pleased with the results.

Here are some pics of our style.  I chose simple dresses for the bridesmaids.  I won't lie and say they could wear them again (I've been a bridesmaid 7 times-you don't wear them again).  I made the necklaces for my bridesmaids and bought them each a different pair of earrings.  The necklaces had orange and blue glass beads with navy blue ribbon on either end to tie them closed.  Sadly, you can't see the jewelry all that well in this picture and I forgot to take close-ups.

For my hair piece, I got a beautiful feather piece off of etsy.  Loved it!  I debated between flowers and feathers, but feathers won out.  You can mainly see the white feathers in this photo, but there was one little peacock feather stuck in there as well.  I tried to link it to the shop but it looks like the shop is closed :( 

For wedding favors, we went with bubble gum.  I spit gum in Eugene's face on the night he asked me out so it seemed appropriate.  We used orange gum and printed up little story cards telling the tale.

Okay.  That's all for now.  I'm feeling lazy so I didn't look up all of the vendors info, but if you are in Seattle and loved something you saw, just ask and I will hook you up.  We were VERY happy with everyone we chose.

All photos by Red Box Pictures.  Amazing.  Hire these guys.  Totally worth the money.


  1. Wow, these are nice...
    Yep, June is the month of many wedding..
    Everybody l loves June, I don't know why..

  2. You look so beautiful and that cake is gorgeous too! Congratulations!!

    Lee Ann

  3. Oh I guess your weddding was 1 year ago! Congratulations are still in order!

  4. I want to go to your wedding again. It was so much fun. :) Someday I will make it back to visit you! :)

  5. What a fun touch with the gum and its story! Congratulations and I hope you have many happy years together!!

  6. oh I love the gum story! how sweet! well, in retrospect. not so much at the time, I spose.
    Happy Monday!
    Pepper x


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