Thursday, February 17, 2011

Searching for Inspiration

As I work on designing my own etsy shop, I'm finding myself spending hours on etsy, browsing all the amazing work of other artists.  I am constantly amazed by all of the work out there.  How do people come up with these ideas?  Having tried my hand in all sorts of crafts from knitting to metalwork, I know the time and patience required to learn a new skill and learn it well.  Here are a few of the beautiful pieces I have discovered.

This bird just makes me happy.  How could you not want this in your kitchen? Bird Towel on etsy

A gorgeous ring based on my very own hometown. Seattle ring on etsy.

A science nerd's idea of romance. Nerdy valentine on etsy

This is a stunning custom illustration that I purchased for my husband as a Christmas gift.  I was thrilled to see the finished result.  Nan Lawson's Shop

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  1. Jenny Chang, you're so cool! :) And I love that illustration of you, Eugene, and Milo. So cute! Miss you!


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