Friday, February 25, 2011

Kindle Kitty

Last week, my amazing husband surprised me with an early birthday present of a Kindle.  I typically carry several books with me whenever we travel so this will be a nice upgrade.  After happily downloading about fifty books from the selection of free Amazon classics, I moved on to finding a great carrying case.  Here's the one I chose, which came in the mail today:

The case also came with an extra bonus of a hand-written note in a cute and equally funny card.

Although I was drawn to many different case styles, I could not resist this one that reminded me of my own cat Milo.  He is an orange chewing-and-licking machine.  Named for my favorite childhood movie, Milo and Otis, my Milo has been a constant needy companion since I adopted him four years ago.  Now come on, how can you not love this face?


  1. Ooh, I wish I had looked on Etsy before buying my boring Kindle case.

  2. Cute Kindle case but Milo is even cuter! He has a very sweet face!

  3. What a funny carrying case! I wish I could have come up with this joke ;-))))) And Milo is too cute for words xoxo

  4. Love the case....wish I actually had a kindle to put it in. LOL....Milo is adorable :)


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