Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Harry Potter Crafts

I'm currently participating in two Harry Potter swaps through swap-bot.  It started as one and split into two.  But this just means I get two people to create for!  Let me show you what I made.  I'll include brief how-to's, but feel free to ask if you want more detail.

My first partner claims to be a Ravenclaw, so I made her lots of Ravenclaw goodies.  Here they are together.

First, I made a Luna Lovegood inspired necklace.  Instead of radish earrings, I went the necklace route in case my partner didn't have pierced ears.  I just put a crochet bead together with a metal flower using a head pin and hung them from a chain.

Next is a Ravenclaw scarf.  I actually had these two scarves that I bought awhile back at the dollar store.  I thought they would come in handy for a scarf project.  Guess what, they did.  All I did was sew them together along the two edges. 

Finally, a button set that I made with my button maker.  I just found some graphics online to make the Ravenclaw and Hogwarts crest. 

For my second partner, I made more general HP crafts, but did include a Slytherin goodie since that was the house she would choose.

She mentioned that she loved tea, so I made her a "Muggle" teacup.  To be honest, I was worried calling a Slytherin "muggle," but hopefully it will be okay :)  I just found a teacup from a thrift store and then wrote on it with a porcelain paint pen.

Next, I made a snitch necklace like the one I made for myself awhile back.  I still had some wings and I just attached them to a gold bead using an eye pin.

Finally, another pin set.  However, this time I included the Slytherin crest.

Whew!!  That was a lot of HP crafts.  Now I just get to sit and wait to see what I get!


  1. So fun! I love those buttons and the crochet necklace!!
    I've read the HP books, but only ever saw the first movie :)

  2. Awesome goodies all around! You did a great job.

  3. I love all of these! Nice work :)

  4. You come up with so many creative ideas! Your swap partners are going to love these!


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