Monday, May 14, 2012

Craft Swap and Yarnbombing

This past Saturday, I attended a craft swap hosted by etsyRAIN.  It's a local meetup group and the swap was happening at a park by my apartment.  Awesome!

There were so many craft supplies, it was ridiculous.  I brought a bags worth and left with multiple armloads. 

It was also fun to explore the park a bit more.  There is an art exhibit going on now and all the trees are covered with yarn.  So cool!


  1. Supply swapping is a great idea!
    I love the trees :) They would draw anyone to the event!

  2. how fun. my knitting group in SF used to do a yarn swap every year & it was so much fun.

  3. Those trees are awesome! What a fun event!

  4. Oh my goodness! That's quite a lot of stuff- how cool. And that yarn bomb exhibit is awesome- I've never seen one in person and would love to.

  5. The trees are great! I would like to see that here.

  6. The swap looks like fun! I love those trees! I've heard of those kind of exhibits before but haven't seen one. Pretty cool!


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