Monday, April 9, 2012

365 Daily Creativity Journal: Weeks 12 & 13

Hi All!  Did you have a good Easter weekend?  I hope so!  Here are a few of the things I have done in the last few weeks.

Day 81- Use an eraser.  I made my eraser stamp.  Have you entered the giveaway for one of these bags yet?  Only two days left!

Day 86- Make a pretty frosted thing. I made cake batter truffles.  Not exactly frosted but sweet anyway.


  1. WOW...those cake batter tuffles look amazing!!!

  2. I agree with Edi! Beautifully done, and I'm sure that they're really tasty, too.

  3. I love the idea of a 365 creativity journal- maybe that would help me get organized?! :) Those owl stamps are completely adorable!

  4. Yuuummmy! Do the truffles taste half as good as they look?? I need to make some!

    1. Yes, they were quite tasty. I made them for a group and then had a bunch left over. I could not stop eating them- very dangerous!!

  5. Oh wow, I'm drooling over here. Those truffles look amazing!

  6. Those truffles are making my mouth water! I know some fingers need to be licked, too, after eating one or two... : )


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