Friday, March 16, 2012

Easy-Peasy Earwarmer Tutorial

The other day I found some ear-warmers on sale at Joanne's.  They were so cheap, I decided to buy two; one for the base and the other to cut up for decoration.

I started by cutting one of them into three sections.  I then separated one layer of the middle strip to give me one long piece.

I started stitching this onto the base, working in a circle.  I wanted to make a scrunchy-looking flower, so I just kept bunching and stitching.

I kept working until I ran out of strip and reached the center.  I then added a few more stitches anywhere that looked like it needed a bit more support or more bunching.

That's it!  You could add more flowers if you like; there's plenty of fabric left.  I liked the simple look.  Don't you love my modeling picture?  The ones where I was smiling all ended up blurry.

Now I have a unique new accessory and it only took $1.50 and about 10 minutes!


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