Saturday, February 4, 2012

Football Cake Pops

The saga of the cake pops continues.  This time, I got fancy and made some to look like footballs.  They are blobby footballs, but still footballs.  I hope they make the perfect treat for the Superbowl tomorrow.

To make these, I shaped the cake into a ball like normal but then pinched the ends to give them a more football-like shape.  (For instructions on how to make cake pops, see this post).

In order to not get a chocolate foot, my husband rigged up a cardboard drying stand.  Basically, it's a skinny cardboard box with holes punched in it.  This allowed the pops to dry standing up and helped retain the cake shape.  Most of them held up, some did not.

Finally, I used icing to draw lines on the footballs.  This particular icing suggested heating it in the microwave.  I suggest not doing this; it made it way too runny and I had to wait for it to cool off.

That's it!  I made red velvet cake this time and used cream cheese frosting.  Yum!


  1. those are so cute! Perfect timing!

  2. Those are so fun! They'll be perfect for the big game today! Now excuse me...I have to go find something sweet to awoke my sweet tooth :)

  3. Cute Jenny! They are perfect for the game today.

  4. Those turned out so cute! Yum!!!!


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