Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Peak In My Studio

By studio, I mean the half of our guest room/office that I use to do my art :)  Here's just a few pictures of my organized chaos.  First, Here are some of the bird charms I have been working on lately.  Lots of love birds just in time for Valentine's Day.

Now zoom out and look at the mess that I normally crop out of photos.  Don't worry, I know where everything is :)  I tend to spread out all of the projects I am working on at once and group them by color/project/feeling. 

I fuel all this activity by drinking lots of tea.  I normally switch off between tea and coffee, but this week has been all about tea.  My current tea of choice is Earl Grey with honey and lemon.  Here I am enjoying it in the tea-for-one pot that I got in Cambridge, England.

That's it for now!  Hope you are all having a lovely week.


  1. The love birds are so cute! I try to avoid showing too much mess in my photos, too. thanks for the peek into your studio.

  2. Yup...mine looks much the same :) And I believe you when you say you know where everything is...I can totally relate!
    Love your love bird charms :)


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