Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Etched Glass Storage Jar Tutorial

Today I will be showing how to make an etched glass project.  I had several different bath fizzies stored in a paper bag in the bathroom and it was not the most attractive storage container so I decided to make a new one.  I started with a plain glass storage jar that I found at Goodwill. 

Next, I cut out a square of contact paper and punched a circle out of the middle.  I used some letter stickers to add the word bath in the middle of the circle.

I used a glass etching product that I found at Michaels and followed the instructions on the package.   Just glob on the cream in a thick layer over your desired area.

My cream instructed me to wait 60 seconds and then rinse it off.  So that is what I did!  The end result is a nice etched image.

That's it!  Now I have a bath jar to store my bath fizzies.  Right now mine are all in little bags because they are different scents, but next I may add some bath salts and a little wooden scooper.

Since this is a new technique for me, I am using this piece for my Blogging Business Artisans January challenge piece.  We were challenged to create something using a new technique and it was just the boost I needed to finally try glass etching!


  1. This turned out great! And you're really on the ball with the challenge! Way to go :)

  2. What a great idea for the January challenge! This is so easy and has such a beautiful effect.

  3. Pretty! I have always meant to try glass etching. I have a couple champagne bottles from New Years..hmmmmm.

  4. great project, Jenny! I love your result! I have tried glass etching before and it's fun. Maybe you could make jars for all your scents. These would make great gifts, too!

  5. Great project -- love the way it turned out! I've wanted to try glass etching too -- might just have to get over to my local Michaels and get some of that Armour Etch! I like that you used stickers for the word; good idea!

  6. What a terrific idea! That looks like a candle jar, to tell you the truth...and I had not thought of etching it. Your project turned out wonderfully.


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