Wednesday, December 28, 2011

IC#52- Bling

Since I was out of town and sick for most of this week, my Iron Craft project is a completion of last week's project.  Our theme this week is Bling.  Since I made glitter animals last week, I finished up my glitter giraffe for this week.

That's it!  An entire year of Iron Craft done!  But don't worry, another year of Iron Craft will be happening in 2012.

Want to see more Iron Craft pieces?  Check out the flickr group here.  Want to join in the fun?  Check out the blog here.


  1. Beautiful! I hope that you had a good holiday and that you're feeling better soon. Congrats on completing so many of these challenges! I look forward to seeing what you make in 2012.

  2. that one seems to have a real opalescence to it


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