Sunday, December 11, 2011

I Heart Indie Holidays Wrap-Up

Well the show yesterday went alright but pretty slow.  I think the cold, gloomy weather may have kept people at home. 

One positive thing I found out was people were interested in charm bracelets.  I normally put out some of my bird charms but at this show I decided to try offering bracelets as well.  The response was positive and I sold three by the end of the day.  In the future, I may try putting out more and having a few pre-made bracelets.  For this show, I put one charm on a bracelet as an example but otherwise had blank bracelets so people could choose their own charms.


  1. Sorry that you didn't have a busier show, but that's great about the charms! I'm going to be adding lots of detachable charms for my new wrap bracelets/necklaces next month so it's good to hear that there's some interest in that. It might be a good option for you on Etsy, too.

  2. Sorry it wasn't as busy. I think you should definitely add more bracelets next time.

  3. The charm bracelets sound like a great addition! I've found that every show is a learning opportunity :)

  4. Glad your show went relatively well! It's always hard to predict what people will like!


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