Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Bird of the Month: Turkey

Okay.  I don't make turkeys.  Not that I have an issue with them or anything, I just haven't yet.  But it's November and Thanksgiving means turkeys.

Now, for some fun turkey facts.
  • Did you know turkeys have beards?  Males do for sure and females only sometimes do. (source)
  • Alaska is the only U.S. state without wild turkeys. (source)
  • Males will gobble and strut to attract the females. (source)
Anyone else know anything cool about turkeys? 


  1. I actually wish that my mom did not go so nuts over turkey over the holidays. I want ham:)

  2. Nope, but I didn't know that they have beards! How weird.

  3. I didn't know Alaska didn't have wild turkeys. I saw 25 on my way home yesterday!


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