Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Costumes Complete

We finished the costumes and tried them on in full.  Let me take you on a tour.  We'll start with my bumblebee outfit.

Since I'm a fancy bumblebee, I am wearing plaid rather than the traditional stripes.  I also have a fancy black necklace and large stripe in the middle.  And of course, sparkly wings.  I actually kept things pretty simple and bought most things from the thrift store, combined with wings from Fred Myer, and a few pieces I had at home.  The only part I made was the antennae, which were just pipe cleaners attached to a head band.

For my husband, Mr. Lighting Bug, we also used many pieces already in his wardrobe.   However, we also made several components. 

The tie was a thrift store purchase that I painted a lightning bolt on.  The wings were made by stretching panty hose over some wire (because all the store bought wings were too girly).  And the awesome touch, a light up butt.  It looks like a cotton tail in the picture, but works better in person.  This part was all the genius of Eugene.  He took several little push lights and rigged them up to be controlled as one unit that could be turned on and off with a hand-held button.  That way he can turn his light on or blink it to convey a message in true lightning bug style.  The light bundle is wrapped in white fabric and hung from his pants.

I'm really pleased with our costumes.  They were minimum effort but are fun.  I hope the kids like them at the party tonight.

What are you dressing up as?  Did you make your costume?


  1. Awesome costume...light up butt is not something you hear or see every day!

  2. Your costumes are awesome! The light up butt is definitely a nice touch. It's great when you can make fun costumes on the cheap like that. I hope that the kids enjoyed them.

  3. Those are great! I'm definitely loving all the things you guys did to make his costume. Very creative!

  4. These are great! You two are both crafty and smart!


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