Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday Bazaar Wrap-Up

Yesterday I was at the Holiday Bazaar at the studio of Holli Dunn Photography.  It was a bit of a slow day but still enjoyable.  I forgot my camera but snapped a few phone photos.

I got festive for this show and added a little Christmas tree to the table.  I found it for $2.50 at Fred Meyer so I was pretty excited.  I think my birds were happy to have a tree to perch in.

I also added a few free goodies to my table, a candy bowl as well as stickers and buttons.  The stickers and buttons had my tag on it and I also added a large tag to my table.  I had to explain it several times but everyone was pretty impressed by the demonstration.


  1. Your birds look great on the tree! And the QR code is such a fun idea!

  2. Thanks for being there! Your table was one of my favorites! I may have to get another bird for my mom because I want to keep the one I got yesterday. And I am SO impressed by your creative QR code!

  3. The table looked great. Beautiful display of your work.

  4. The free candy idea is so awesome. I will definitely keep that in mind for future shows, especially around the holidays. I love your buttons, stickers, and scan, too. I'm glad that you had fun even though it was a slower day!

  5. Looks lovely! I love the idea of having the tree for your ornaments and freebees are always great!


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