Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Embroidery

The other day I had a craving for Christmas embroidery.  I get weird art cravings like this.  I found this book at Ben Franklin.

I started working on my first project, one that says "Merry Yule" with flowers.

It's taking much longer than I thought.  Probably because I'm a little out of practice in cross-stitch.

Are you working on any holiday crafts right now?  How are they coming along?


  1. How cute! Could it be Yule from the Norwegian Jul? Christmas is Jul in Norwegian. No, I'm not making any holiday craft right now.

  2. I get those same kind of urges--have no need for most of things I feel I need to create. This might explain all of the stuff in my sewing room.

    It’s a Wrap Link Party at Artful Rising

  3. I loved cross stitch when I was younger :)
    I'm working on lots of Christmas orders...and hopefully Christmas gifts soon as well!

  4. I love to cross-stitch! Looks like a very pretty design - I like the old-world look.
    No holiday crafts for me, but I am working on two crochet toys for Noli! (granddaughter)

  5. Cute! From time to time I'll pick up an embroidery project too. It's nice to change up your media from time to time. Right now I'm trying to pump out as many handmade gifts as I can for my family and friends! So far...I've made 3 things. Hahah. Too much to do!

  6. I used to cross-stitch! This weekend I bought some Christmas paper, for rolling paper beads with. But actually, it's a bit late for making Etsy items. Looking for Valentine's Day paper next time! {:-D

  7. I love cross-stitch! Good luck with your project. I get random creative urges like that sometimes, too.

    I just finished up a new line of Christmas button charm bracelets for my show this weekend.

  8. I used to do cross-stitch all the time. Unfortunately I've not touched it for several years.. you make me miss it! I've got a UFO that I'd love to finish and hang so maybe I'll take that over to my studio and finish it before something else comes up. Have fun with your Christmas project.


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