Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ICC#34- Flying by the Lobes of My Ears

So, was that a lame title?  It was a twist on flying by the seat of my pants.  Nothing makes a joke funnier than when you explain it.

Anyway, the theme for this week's Iron Craft Challenge was transportation.  I decided to stick with one of my favorite crafty materials, shrinky dink.  I made some "paper airplane" earrings modeled after those little wooden airplanes that you can punch out and stick together.  I had no idea if this would even work, but I like experimenting.

I started with a very simple design, just the body and the wing.  The image above is the template I used. I just looked at some designs online and then sketched out my own.  I cut out the pieces from the shrinky dink and then cut a small slit in the body to just fit the wing.  I found that it needed to be wide enough to accommodate the wing size once it had baked.

Then I stuck them together and baked them!  I wanted to make sure the wing wouldn't fall out prematurely so I made a little foil holder to bake it on.  After it had started to shrink, I used some chopsticks to move it off the holder so that it could flatten.

I then glued on jump rings and attached some earring wires.  That's it!  I kept my design fairly simply because this was more of an experiment piece.  You could probably alter the design by drawing on it, adding beads, or whatever.


  1. How clever you are with the shrinky dink!

  2. You should definitely put these in your shop! Airplanes are just mechanical birds after all ;)

  3. Oh, these are so awesome! You are indeed the shrinky dink queen.

  4. That is really cool. It would've taken me several attempts to get the wings straight, to stay in place, etc.

  5. Those are so fun! I bet if you put these in your shop they'd do well!

  6. I love these! They're perfect. Shrinky Dinks are so fun.


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