Thursday, August 25, 2011


Does that song make anyone else think of Shrek 2?

Anyway, there have been some big changes happening with my etsy shop.   If you are familiar with the etsy world, there has been some changes to the way the search happens.  Now, the default search is by relevancy and not by most recent listing.  This means it's much more important to have descriptive titles.  So, in an effort to make my items easier to find, I have let go of my bird names.  Now, things are named exactly what they are.

Bird Silhouette Pin on etsy

Furthermore, I have changed my shop sections.  Previously, I grouped things by the birds they were named after.  Now, I am grouping them by what they are. 

I was a little sad to make this change because I liked my bird themes.  However, I think that this will be a good change in the long run.  It will make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for and that is the important thing.

What do you guys think?  Do you like my changes?  If you have a shop, have you been making changes?


  1. It is a bit of a tradeoff with the new system. I agree, it should be better in the long run. I changed all my section names too. I'm still trying to get better about adding keywords to my descriptions and titles. It's a lot of work.

  2. I've been making changes as well. I think these will help you in search a lot.

    PS...That song always reminds me a Shrek :)

  3. I have been making similar changes, and at first I was sad to get rid of our quirky titles, but I ended up having my cake and eating it, too. For example our "That 70's Apron" used to be titled just that, but now it's titled "Up-cycled Linen Calender Dishcloth Apron - That 70s Apron". Maybe you could try something similar. :)


  4. When I first opened my shop, I had categories for the different types of beadweaving. I later grouped them by jewelry types as well, which is more buyer friendly. I know that it's tough to lose some of those personalizations, but Edi's right that it should help your searches.


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