Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ICC#32 Beach Ball Summer Lanterns

Our theme for the Iron Craft Challenge this week was SUMMER!  This is a big one too because it is the summer contest and the winner gets goodies.  I don't really know where my idea came from, but once I heard the challenge I though beach ball paper lanterns.  So that's what I did.  Come, follow along!

I started with classic balloon paper mache technique.  I used mod podge as my paper mache medium; I had never done this before, I just wanted to see what happened.

I started with a white layer and then added colored pieces to form the beach ball look.

After it dried, I removed the balloon.  This caused the entire thing to crumple up.  I panicked (for a moment) but then realized I just had to put my hand in and pop it back out.

Next, I created little wire hangers by using some bracelet memory wire along with normal wire.  I attached the memory wire all along the open end of the lantern and sealed it off with a bit more tissue paper and mod podge.

I used little electric tea lights for these and created little wire "boats" for them.  I then hung these in the lanterns.  I hung them loosely so they could be taken in and out to light them.

That's it!  I do have a a suggestion if you make these yourself.  Try using water balloons.  I used regular balloons and had to blow them up quite a bit to get a round shape.  I had originally planned on making lots of small ones to attach to Christmas lights but ended up making a few large ones instead. 


  1. Cute! I love the idea of using beach balls.

  2. Those are so perfect for a summer party!

  3. what a cute idea. And they really look like beach balls! {:-D

  4. This rocks! I'm going to have to file this one for a future project!

  5. Thanks so much for this! So much easier than crisscrossing wires.

    Would styrofoam balls be easier?


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