Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Featured Artist: Storybeader

When I hear the name Storybeader, I think of books and beads.  Very appropriate because that is exactly what Deb makes and sells in her etsy shop.

Collage and Painted Art Journal

Although she started her etsy journey selling ethnic jewelry, she has since focused on paper arts.  Her handmade journals are beautiful and all very unique.  In addition, she makes paper beads, which would be a great addition to a jewelry project.  My favorite part?  Some are named for the book they came from.  The beads shown below are from a dinosaur book called "I'm Bad."

I'm Bad dinosaur beads

For a girl who never would have dreamed of writing in or tearing up a book, this has been quite a change.  Deb says that she just fell in love with collage and now can't stop! 

Birdhouse Art Journal

To see more of her work, be sure to stop by her shop or visit her blog!


  1. Deb's books are so fun and I can tell that she is having a lot of fun making new creations :) She's found her calling!

  2. That is so cute about the dinosaur beads--what a cute name!

    As a book lover I like the look of her shop with the journals and paper beads!

  3. wow beautiful items!! gonna have to check out her store!!!

  4. Jenny - what a nice feature! edi's right - I am having a blast! Thanks again, {:-D

  5. Wonderful feature on Deb! I have one of her custom made handcrafted journals and it's fabulous!


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