Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Featured Artist: KAW! Studios

Today I am happy to feature Kaili from KAW! Studios.  She is a painter and wild-life lover so I can definitely relate to her pieces.  She even paints birds!

Mr. Owl Painting

Isn't he a cutie?  I think so too.  Kaili says "nature is my biggest inspiration! I am an aspiring wildlife biologist, and I love animals. The variety of beauty within the natural world is what fuels my art work."

In addition to painting, Kaili does some awesome photography.  I'm swooning over this cute dog print.

Greyhound Dog Photo

If you are an environment-lover, you will be happy to know that she takes care to be thoughtful of this in her packaging.  She says,  "I like to package & present my work in a way that makes it feel like you are opening a gift, however I also like to re-use materials. I re-use packaging materials, old magazines, cardboard boxes, and other items in order to package my work for shipping in a safe and earth-friendly manner. I am always looking for more ways to be eco-friendly in my work."

Octopus ACEO

Want to know more about this artist and budding wildlife biology, visit her shop here or her blog here.


  1. I really like the greyhound photo!

  2. She does great work! And I love that she uses recycled packing supplies :)


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