Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Featured Artist: Green Onions Textiles

Today I am very happy to be sharing the work of a very talented seamstress, Nan from Green Onions Textiles.  I know you are dying to see her work, so I'll show off a piece before I tell you more about her.  Here's a stuffed dog that I think is just precious.

Stuffed Flannel Dog on etsy
Cute, right?  Okay, let's move on.  I can definitely identify with Nan who started her etsy shop last February (me too!) and says she started selling because she was running out of room in her house.  In her etsy shop, you can find lots of cute pieces such as the puppy above and this bag below.

Circles on a Circular Bag on etsy

Interestingly, Nan studied art history and now works as the director of an art museum.  Impressive, right?  I think it's really awesome that someone who works with so many great pieces in her professional life also spends her free time creatively.  This has even helped shape her own work.  She says that "as an art historian, a good deal of inspiration comes from knowing about various art movements throughout history.  Sometimes I’ll see something in a magazine or book, sometimes in a store, sometimes on somebody, and I’ll start thinking about how I can modify it or use an aspect of it in a design." 

Red Cotton Skirt on etsy

I also recommend checking out her blog.  A quick scroll through shows lots of great tutorials and inspiration.  Here's a really great post she did demonstrating the way that her different inspirations came together into one cool project.

I hope that helped inspire you.  I'm feeling inspired myself.  Feel free to stop by and tell Nan how cool she is or buy one of her pieces, I won't stop you :)


  1. These are so CUTE! I used to sew, but I kept screwing up everything and finally just had to give it up.

  2. Lovely crafts!



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