Monday, July 11, 2011

Another Swap

I've been doing lots of craft swaps this month.  Most recently, I participated in one where we made each other little gift pouches.  You can check it out here.  The only requirement was to send the bag, but you were welcome to include an extra goody in pouch.

I created my pouch using two vintage handkerchiefs and satin ribbon.  I also included one of the new initial necklaces I have been working on.

In return, I received this sweet little bag, complete with a ribbon and button Christmas ornament inside.  Fun!  It came to me all the way from Australia.


  1. What a fun swap!! The item you made is awesome and you got a beautiful one in return!!

    Stopping by from Etsy Rain! We'd love it if you could visit us too!

  2. what a neat way of experimenting... and getting gifts too! Your blog seems A-OK to me... in ship-shape condition! {:-D

  3. Swapping sounds like such fun! Someday when I have more time....

  4. I liked this post ;-) The gift pouch you sent me is even more lovely in real life! Thank you for the lovely swap item and for sending me details of your fab blog x


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