Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Current Project: Custom Bridal Necklace

I recently was thrilled to have someone order a necklace from my etsy site.

Song Sparrow Necklace
I was even more thrilled when she asked me to make four more so that all of her bridesmaids could have one.
Bridesmaid Set

Matching gift bags with Song Sparrow Tags
If that wasn't enough, I now have the honor of designing a coordinating necklace and earring set for her.  I'm excited but also nervous.  The necklace you wear on your wedding day is a big deal!  I have some ideas but am still in the planning stages.  My sweet hubby is taking me on a road trip today to visit Shipwreck Beads; apparently it's the Costco of beading supplies.  Wahoo!


  1. WOW congrats!! That's quite an honor. I'm sure you'll do fine. Good wishes.


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