Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Craft Show Goodies

I'm really proud of myself.  While at the craft show, I was able to make more money than I was spending.  I tend to have a doubly-hard time at craft shows.  I want to buy things that are really cute that I actually could use.  But I also am an empathy shopper and want to buy from the person who looks a little discouraged like maybe they aren't having such a great day.

I can be very dangerous at craft shows.

But, I was able to control myself this time and limited myself to a few cute items; one present for myself and one present for each of my nieces.

For myself, I got this cute apron from Drapes of Wrath.  This was a very hard choice but I went with a green one.  Look closely, do you recognize the pattern from some of the jewelry I have been making?  Matching!

Next, for my new little niece Adriana, I decided to get this sweet little bib from Stork and Me.  I was really torn because there were lots of cute things, but I just couldn't resist this elephant print.

Finally, for my 2 and a half year old niece Audrey, I went with these fun hair flowers.  I just know she will look adorable in them.  I got them from my booth neighbor, Mother Carey.

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