Friday, April 15, 2011

Not in Kansas Anymore

While I am currently living in the Seattle area and loving it, I grew up in Kansas.  That's right.  Dorothy, tornadoes, cows, and anything else you think of when you think of Kansas.  In honor of this, here are some lovely Kansas related crafts.

Kansas Fountain Photograph
Kansas License Plate Bracelet
Kansas Cutting Board

Ruby Slippers Note Cards
Kansas Storm Painting


  1. ive never been there! newest follower from your blog group

  2. Why haven't I ever searched "Wizard of Oz" on Etsy before?!? I'm in love.

    And why did I never have a Wizard of Oz birthday party when I was a kid?! So much cute stuff. :)

  3. great picks! Love the cutting board, and the storm painting is so pretty. Thanks for participating in the carnival! {:-D

  4. The painting is awesome! Growing up, my across-the-street neighbor's sister would come visit her for the tornado season in Kansas! We didn't have tornadoes in Louisiana!


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