Saturday, April 16, 2011

Inspiration: Wire Wrapped Jewelry

It's interesting to me the way that different artists develop different styles of jewelry.  For example, I've really been developing my fabric and wood jewelry.

Green Pigeon Necklace on Etsy

These days, I use very little wire and beads.  However, there are other people out there that use these as their primary materials.  Here are a few beautiful pieces from a fellow etsy artist, Linda B.

Wire Wrapped Pendant
Wire Wrapped Ring
Turquoise, Coral and Wire Necklace
What other materials have you seen utilized in jewelry pieces?


  1. I am from your new blog club book! Can't wait to read over your blog and start communicating!

  2. What beautiful pieces! I sometimes incorporate stamped leather into the jewelry I make. And clay. I've been really into making clay brooches lately. ;)

  3. what about paper? that's what I'm into right now... busy making paper beads for my etsy shop! {:-D

  4. I love the look of wire wrapping too...such interesting designs! Linda does pretty work!

    I've recently started adding wood pendants to my Etsy shop! They are so fun to engrave and make!


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