Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ICC #17- Thank You Card Tutorial

Like I mentioned yesterday, this week's Iron Craft Challenge is something wedding-themed.  I decided to work on a project that I had been thinking of for awhile.  My own wedding was 8 months ago and I'm sorry to say, we have not sent out all of our thank you cards yet.  BUT this gave me a great opportunity to try out something creative.  I doubt I could have done this for all the gifts, but it was a fun project for the few remaining gifts. 

I started by taking a few pictures of the gift in action.  For this example, I took a picture of a beautiful vase sitting on our shelf.

Then using my newly installed photoshop, I cropped the photo to clean it up a bit and then edited the colors to dull it down.  Next I added "Thank You!" in white over the photo.

I also made a separate file of just the vase cropped down and edited to be much brighter than the full photo.

I lined these up appropriately in Microsoft Word and printed onto some thick white cardstock.  I also added a little message on the inside.

Finally, I cut around the separate vase and attached it to the card with a small foam sticky square (I have no idea the technical term for this).  This caused the vase to pop out from the photo even more.  That's it!!

My next card will probably feature a trash can with a pull tab to open and close it.  I'll definitely share if/when I make more.

And since the theme is wedding, a wedding pic or two.  Just for fun :)

View at Newcastle Golf Club-Photo by Red Box Pictures

Our paebaek, a Korean ceremony-Photo by Red Box Pictures


  1. I bet people will love getting photos showing how you actually are using the gifts!

  2. What a great idea! People love knowing that their gift was useful.

    And thanks for the comment on my blog--it was great that my site was recognized!


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