Saturday, April 2, 2011


Pinata Picture Source
Last night we had a fiesta-themed birthday party for me.  Complete with tacos and pinata (poor little pinata).  Friends, food, fun.

With no where to hang him, we used a paint roller extension pole, held by my husband.

My sweetie pie husband continued the trend of animal birthday cakes and made me a sea otter cake.

The sea otter is holding a shell and swimming through a rocky cove.

 My friend Kim gave me a fantastic bird business card holder.  It will be perfect for my upcoming show!!

And finally, in keeping with this theme, here is an etsy treasury inspired by the event.  And special bonus, every item on here was posted by the EtsyBloggers Team.  Enjoy!


  1. Oh how cool! A brave husband (holding a pinata while others swing a baseball bat), AND he designs bakery too!

    Great pix, thank you for sharing. Its great to put the top of your head with your name... ROFL

    The red looks good on you

  2. Sounds like you had a fun party!!!

  3. Hope you got lots of candy from the pinata! Always fun scrambling around on the floor for sweets! Cool cake too!
    I love the bird card holder! Very shabby chic.

  4. I love that otter cake, how cute! At least 50% of my recent trip to the Seattle Aquarium was spent at the otter exhibit lol.


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