Thursday, November 7, 2013

Family Halloween Costume- Rock, Paper, Scissors

Wow.  The last few weeks have been quite the whirlwind.  One case of bronchitis and a lot of packing later, and we now are living in our brand new home.  During that time, my major craft project was making our Halloween costumes.  Can you tell what we are?

Paper covers rock, rock crushes scissors.

Rock paper scissors.  Scissors was made after the move with a bare minimum of craft supplies unpacked so you really have to use your imagination.  The shirt is supposed to be the handles (with the arms forming the circles) and the legs are the blades.  I found the silver fabric at Goodwill.  I was pretty excited :)

Ok.  I guess we all get along after all.

It was actually a pretty easy costume.  My paper skirt was made by drawing lines on felt and sewing the pieces onto a thrifted white skirt.  My t-shirt was based on this one, although I used sharpie.  Rock baby was made by sewing flannel onto a thrifted fleece outfit and hat.

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