Thursday, September 12, 2013

Easy Geometric Water Bottle Makeover

I recently got a free plastic water bottle as one of those thanks-for-working-with-our-company kind of gifts.  It was clear and boring.  I changed that.

This is a really easy project.  Take your water bottle and cover it with stickers to make your design.  I used small rectangles that I found in the office supply section of Fred Myer and formed a geometric, tribal design.  If you are planning on blogging about it, be sure to take a poorly-lit, blurry photo.

Next, I covered the whole thing with pink spraypaint.  I used a kind that was marked for use on plastic.  I'm actually not sure if it matters.  Anyone?

Once dry, peel off the stickers.  Now consume copious amounts of water.  Hooray!

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