Friday, August 9, 2013

Fabric Pouch Makeover: Two Ways

Does anyone else love the Dollar Spot at Target?  Who am I kidding, everyone loves the Dollar Spot.  Well, you should go right now because they have some cute little fabric pouches.  You could use them as is, but really why not personalize?

The first one I made by simply drawing a design on with a fabric sharpie.  I started by sketching out  a design in pencil.  I chose a Dalek because I'm a Doctor Who fanatic but you can do whatever.

Then I just went over it with my sharpie.  After some quick advice on Facebook, I added the word "Consolidate." (It's better if you say it in a Dalek voice.)

For the next bag, I went a little girlier.  I started by cutting out a square of fabric and a square of iron on interfacing. Then trace a frame on the paper of the interfacing; I used a circle and then added little bumps all around the edge.  Cut out the fabric and iron onto the bag.  

To add a silhouette, draw a design on freezer paper.  I drew a circle and then found a silhouette image online.  If you hold the paper up to the screen, you can trace it.  Then cut out the circle and silhouette.

Iron these pieces onto the fabric.  Then fill in with black fabric paint.  I didn't have any paint so I used a fabric stamp pad.  Just use a makeup sponge to fill in the area.

The freezer paper then just peels off.  I used my fabric sharpie to add some details to the frame.

So there you go!  Two ways to do a pouch.  Or just combine them and do a Dalek silhouette...

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