Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mini Pudding Pies

I've been making popsicles lately.  Today was pudding pop day.  Is there anything better than a pudding pop?  Well, hopefully.  Because this post isn't about pudding pops.  It's about what you do with your leftover pudding; mini pudding pies.

See, after I finished my pudding pops, I had leftover pudding.  At first I was like, duh, eat it.  After a couple of bites though, I decided to be more creative and make mini pies. 

I started by smashing up some graham crackers for the crust.  I combined this with about a tablespoon of melted butter.  Then I got really crazy and added some chopped walnuts.  You can follow your heart on this one; I really liked the addition of walnuts but my husband was less of a fan.

Now smush (technical term) the graham cracker-butter concoction into a small dish.  I used some creme brulee dishes.  Press into the bottom and slowly scoot it up the edges to form a little rim.

Spoon your pudding into the dish.  I used two kinds in each and then dragged a chopstick through to make streaks.  You can use only one kind if you like.  I topped with a walnut.

Stick in the fridge for a few hours and enjoy.  Clearly, we enjoyed them. 

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