Monday, June 24, 2013

DIY Milk Glass Vase Using Mod Melts

Hello!  I'm back from a two week road trip with the family.  We packed up our four-month-old and drove down to LA to visit family.  A little crazy and a lot of fun.  But let me tell you, after two weeks not crafting, I start to get a little crazy.  Particularly when I read about new craft supplies that I want to try out.

Enter Mod Melts.  I saw them on another blog and wanted to try them out immediately.  Basically, you buy these special hot glue sticks that you can put in your normal hot glue gun.  You then use the melted glue to fill a mold and make an embellishment.  I bought some as soon as I got home and made this vase.  I'm excited.

I started with a clear glass vase from Goodwill.  I squeezed a bunch of white acrylic paint into it and started rolling it around to fill the inside. 

Once covered, I set this aside and started working on the Mod Melts.  This part was easy.  Stick glue stick into glue gun and squeeze into mold.  Let sit from several minutes.  Pop out.  Once I had several pieced that I liked, I glued them onto the vase using more of the same Mod Melt.  [In case you are wondering how well this adheres, it stays really well.  I messed up and it took FOREVER to get the flower piece back off.]

Done!  Do you like it?  Can you tell that my bookshelf is arranged by color?

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