Sunday, August 12, 2012

Modern Poodle Skirt DIY

I'm really excited to share this project today.  Last month, our blogging business artisans challenge was on the theme, "summer lovin."  Although I was the one that suggested the theme, I did not actually get a chance to make my project till last week.  Oh well!  I'm glad I waited rather than rushing it.  I was inspired by the movie Grease and chose to make a modern poodle skirt.  Want to make your own?  Here's how!

-2 yrds of fabric (or however much you need for your pattern)
-craft foam
-block of wood
-fabric paint
-any other sewing supplies you need

1. To start, cut out the pieces you will need for your skirt.  I used this tutorial to create mine, so I won't go over the specifics here.  Go to the tutorial if you want to make this exact skirt!

2. Now make your stamp.  Start by drawing a poodle shape on the craft foam.  I did mine free hand but you are welcome to use my picture as a template.  If I get enough people asking, I can also use my stamp to make a printable for you if that's easier.

3. Cut out the poodle and glue it onto your wood block.  This will stabilize it for stamping.

4. Now, apply your fabric paint to the stamp.  I used a paint brush to brush it on.  Do a few practice stamps.

5. Once you feel comfortable, you can start stamping all over the fabric pieces you already cut out.  I stamped my poodles in every direction to make the pattern.

6. If you make any mistakes, you can go back over the poodles with a brush to touch them up.  I also used the other end of my brush to add a dot pattern all around.

7. Let dry overnight and then sew your skirt together.  Try it on.  You look amazing!! 

Can you see my belly growing?  I think it looks really big in this picture.  I only hope the skirt fits so well after the baby is born :)


  1. Your growing belly and skirt are both adorable!! I love this technique for stamping. I'm definitely going to give it a try. Thanks!!

  2. Your baby bump looks adorable :) You're a glowing mommy-to-be!
    And I love your take on the poodle skirt!

  3. Very cute!! Love it with you're little baby bump!!

  4. What a cute skirt! And much more flattering than those big circle skirts with the giant poodles from the 50s!

  5. Adorable! I love it and that you included the tutorial. Your baby bump and your smile - beautiful!

  6. Adorable skirt! Your stamp is great.

  7. Aww, your sweet baby bump looks so cute with the poodles! Fabulous challenge project, late or not!!

  8. Wonderful to see your "belly" and see you in your poodle skirt. Nice job on the tutorial!

  9. That is so cute! I love the repeating pattern :)

  10. It's beautiful! Very modern indeed:) And what a cute belly you have going on too:)


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