Friday, July 13, 2012

Random Tutorial Roundup

Here's a selection of some fun craft tutorials I have been checking out lately.  I have not tried any of them yet, have you?

Rainbow Lace Tank from P.S-I Made This
Ric Rac Flower from Oh For Sweetness Sake
Needle Felted Blanket from A Beautiful Mess
Galaxy Dress from Stars for Streetlights
Wooden Ninja from Little Gray Fox
Nerd Cat Wrist Rest from Urban Threads


  1. Fun tutorials! Love the lace tank and ric rac flowers!

  2. I love those ninjas! Totally making some for my nephew! (Nevermind that he's only 14 months old.)

  3. fun stuff!
    love the cat with nerdy glasses!
    Since I've worked with dye for many years, I have done things of this nature with it, even if not this specific project.
    The ric rac flowers are especially pretty!

  4. The flowers are so sweet! I love the ninjas and the cat pillow, too. Fun picks.

  5. The Ric Rac flowers look fun! I will have to try that =)

    (stopping by from the Etsy Blog Team!)

  6. Those look great! I'm in serious need of a wrist I may try that soon!


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