Monday, April 30, 2012

California Dreamin'

I spent last week with my husband's family in San Clemente, CA.  It was a week filled with relaxation, sun, and the color blue.  I painted my toes blue and wore blue shoes.  I also had a new blue swimsuit.

One day, we drove up to Laguna beach to check out the sites.  We drank coffee and walked by the beach.  We also stumbled upon an awesome store called Twig.  I bought a bracelet with watches printed on it and a travel mug that says "Don't Stop Believing."

The house we stayed in was beautiful.  We were close to the beach and could watch the gorgeous sunsets from our porch.

In the front of the house was this cute little chair set.  We don't have room for something like this in our apartment now, but maybe someday.

How was your week?  Do anything fun or relaxing?


  1. It looks like a great trip! I love your photos. I'm glad that you had a relaxing week. Jake has been working crazy hours lately, but we did get to the symphony on Saturday. Yesterday I hosted a little Etsy Milwaukee meet up.

  2. Looks like a fun time! I love all of the blue. I miss California (I went there last year).

  3. Wow, beautiful photos! It's nice when things randomly color coordinate, right?


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