Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stapler Makeover

I was challenged this week to make something with a stapler.  I chose to take an ordinary stapler and make it pretty!  Here is my starting point.

First I taped over all the metal parts that I didn't want to paint.  If you know how to take a stapler apart, be my guest.

Next, I spray painted the entire thing sky blue.  I love this shade of spray paint; it looks just gorgeous.

I added a few design details.  I used a blue paint pen to outline all the edges and write "keep it together." Everyone loves a good stapler pun, right?

Finally I removed the tape and that was that!  It's more colorful and artsy now.


  1. Great way to add a pop of color! I love the pun :)

  2. That's fun, reminds me of a sewingmashine now. And the pun could be there as well. Creative job!

  3. Cute idea! Love the blue and who doesn't enjoy a good pun?

  4. Cool. Very cute. I want to make this on my staples too. I think I will bedazzled it too.


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