Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Felting Kit...And Why I Love Handmade

I recently bought a felting kit on etsy and it came in the mail yesterday.  I was delighted with my package.  I've found that the little details are what really make buying handmade special.

Notice the brown stripe around the package?  This little touch, along with the heart sticker, made me delighted to receive this package.

Inside, I found a nice note and my wonderful kit.  I can't wait to start felting!! 


  1. You're right that the little things like that really make the difference with buying handmade. I always tie my jewelry boxes with ribbon and include a thank you note.

    Have fun with your felting kit!

  2. I love getting packages in the mail! And this one is wrapped up like a wonderful gift...even better :)

  3. It's so cheesy, but I really love getting the little thank you notes that come with handmade items. It makes my materials feel more like a present.


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