Saturday, December 31, 2011

Crewel Embroidery

Since I finished my Christmas piece yesterday, I am now free to work on a new embroidery kit that I received as a Christmas gift!  My parents gave me this kit for crewel embroidery and I'm very excited because it is a technique I have been wanting to try!

I first heard of crewel while helping with the Urban Craft Uprising show.  I saw some awesome pieces by Tako Fibers.

Bird Embroidery Kit

You can buy finished pieces but also kits, so I might have to try one of these kits next.


  1. Beautiful kit! I've never done crewel embroidery and will be interested to hear how it goes. The kits from Urban Craft are beautiful, too.

  2. That's a beautiful design and it looks like you've gotten a good start! I used to do crewel but haven't in years -- cross-stitch kind of took over for me!


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