Thursday, October 20, 2011

Song Sparrow Recipe Box

I just listed this box in the shop yesterday.  It's a recipe card holder that I painted.  I decided to do the song sparrow because I just think they are so cute.  I love their mix of brown and white.

Song Sparrow Box on etsy

Do you like to collect recipes?  I usually tear them out of magazines, but also have some hand-written ones on note-cards.  I even have one for chocolate bread pudding that my mom gave me at my wedding shower; it's a family recipe :)

I did a bit of searching and found some cute recipe cards you could use to complete the set.  Check them out:

Bird Recipe Card
Funny Recipe Cards
Personalized Recipe Cards


  1. The recipe box came out great and I really like that first set of cards--so funny.


  2. Cute box, and I love the cards, too. The bird ones would fit perfectly with your box. I do collect recipes. They are horribly unorganized, but I'm working on creating a better system.

  3. How cute :) And that first set of cards would be a perfect match!

  4. the "this doesn't taste like crap" ones. I have a kitchen drawer stuffed with printouts. It's a sad, sad mess. Every time I want to find something it takes me about as long as it would to cook! Really need to do something about it...

  5. The recipe box is wonderful! The bird actually reminded me of a Western Meadowlark but maybe because that's the state bird of my homestate of Kansas! I love to collect recipes but I hate to cook. Weird huh? Great card choices!

  6. Love the recipe box (but then again, I'm partial to birds!). This box would be perfect to collect ideas you don't want to lose track of, too.

  7. I had to laugh at loud at the "this doesn't taste like crap." Lovely songbird! {:-D


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