Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Bird of the Month: Blue Jay

Today's bird is the Blue Jay.  This is a fairly well-known species so you are probably familiar with it.  Both the male and the female of this species have bright blue plumage (feathers) with white and black markings.  I found this interesting because in many bird species, the male is much more brightly colored than the female.

Blue Jay Ornament

Blue Jays can be fairly territorial and have even been known to chase away hawks (source).  They have a wide variety of vocalizations and have even been known to imitate humans in captivity (source).

Blue-Gene Ornament

Above I showed two different styles of Blue Jays I have created.  The first is a very simple painted style.  The second is a little character I created.  His name is "Blue-Gene."  He was inspired by my husband Eugene.  Eugene wears black glasses and likes to wear ties.  I think I captured him pretty well in bird form, don't you?


  1. Love Blue-Gene :)
    And I love that the females finally get a little color! I wish female cardinals were bright red like their males :)

  2. I love "Blue-Gene," too. The glasses and tie are too adorable.

  3. this is so cute! I see something red on the front. Is that a bowtie? {:-D


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