Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bridal Shower Gift

I'm going to a bridal shower today and I wanted to show you the gift I made.  I always like to give something special when I give a gift, usually handmade.  (Although I admit I also gave them a target gift card because as a newlywed, you really just want to be able to buy the stuff you need).

I had a wooden box in my craft supply stock that I just didn't know what to do with.  I bought it over a year ago thinking I would use it and it just hasn't happened yet.  The problem was it had a picture frame on the top and normally when I paint boxes, I paint a bird image right on the top.  But this gave me an idea...

I took part of the wedding invitation and put it in the frame and then painted the box to match!  As you can see, the invitation was black with a yellow, flowery design.  I painted the box black and added a few simple designs.  I also painted the inside yellow because I like a bold inside. 

Now it is a nice little keepsake of the wedding and can be used to hold mementos, jewelry, or whatever.

I was also proud of my wrapping job so I wanted to show that off.  Instead of paper or a bag, I found a pretty scarf at a thrift store and just tied it around.  I added a ribbon and a tag and it was all done, easy-peasy!


  1. beautiful! you did a gorgeous job with matching that box to the invitation. great gift idea :)

  2. What a wonderful gift! Personalized gifts are always so much more special...they will love this! And the scarf is such an awesome idea for the wrapping...I'm totally stealing that idea :)

  3. This gift is so beautiful and thoughtful all the way around! I'm sure that your friends will love it. I completely understand wanting to give something practical but also something personal.


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