Monday, September 5, 2011

Thrift Store Find

I love thrift stores.  I could spend hours browsing.  I admit, I have a penchant for the tacky.  It's not unusual for me to think, "This is so ugly, I have to have it."  However, sometimes I find something that is actually cute.  Like, these bird mugs.

Cute, right?  I was so excited to find the set of four because they were just loose at Goodwill.  There's a cardinal, a painted bunting, an eastern bluebird, and one bird I'm not quite sure of.  Can anyone identify that blue-ish gray bird in the front?


  1. Great find. A pretty way to enjoy some coffee or tea. Perhaps it's a mockingbird? It's the TN state bird.
    I'm a google fanatic and I found your cups pretty quick - they are Fred Roberts Co. made in Japan pedestal cups from the 1960s.

  2. What an awesome find! I love thrift shopping too, when I was in highschool I had a whole menagerie of hideous porcelain cows.


  3. Mandy- Haha. Awesome. I really like those chicken bowls. The ones that just look like a chicken sitting on a dish and then you can lift the chicken up and store things inside. That's not a very good description, but maybe you know what I'm talking about.

    NRB- thanks for the info! I think you're right; it might be a mockingbird. And thanks for the googling. I just looked it up myself and am now disappointed that I didn't find all six! Maybe they will turn up soon :)

  4. WOW Jenny, way to go! I too am a thrift-a-holic, much of our home decor is from place such as ... Nice collectibles, hope you find the other 2 also!

  5. Great finds!! I love your bird mugs.

  6. OMG I love those mugs! I never have good luck finding cute things at Goodwill or garage sales. What a great find!!!

  7. Cute! My first thought was the bird reminded me of a mockingbird.

    And my mom has one of those chicken/rooster bowls. It is cranberry red and I actually want it! I think she even has the golden yellow, too, or it is broken.

  8. Love the mugs! I especially love cardinals so I'd have to have that one as "mine" : )
    The pedestals in different colors just make them look so happy!


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