Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Bird of the Month: Bowerbird

Today I have an awesome bird to share.  The bowerbird.  I learned about these birds during my first week of grad school.  They are awesome because of the males' courtship behavior.  In order to attract a mate, males will build a structure called a bower, decorate it with blue objects, and then sing and dance.  Watch.

Crazy, huh? Although I never created an actual "Bowerbird Line," I think these guys would appreciate some of my blue jewelry.  I just hope they don't steal any of it for their bowers.

Blue Flower Bracelet
Blue Flower Ring


  1. I love that they use blue to attract a mate :) And your blue jewelry is so pretty!

  2. Gorgeous. And I love the white bird you use as a prop in your photos.

  3. I'd keep a close watch on my jewelry if I were you! Just in case....

    I think the Bowerbird must be the first artistic, crafting bird! And he upcycles too!

  4. That's fascinating! Your blue jewelry is gorgeous, too.


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